Monday, February 4, 2008

Base Hits: 2/4/2008

Keith Law on has released his list of 100 top prospects in baseball and there are a few (OK, three) Orioles on the list.

Matt Wieters is listed as the #14 prospect in all of baseball and the top catching prospect on the list. No big surprise there.

Mildly surprising is the inclusion of Nolan Reimold at #39 and the fact that he is listed as the #5 corner outfield prospect in baseball. Reimold has power and, after watching the AFL Championship game, more speed than I had previously given him credit for. But he has so little to show for it on the field, I was surprsied Law thinks so highly of him. I'll take it though. Maybe he's better than I thought.

The other Oriole on the list is SP Chorye Spoone at #96. Says Law:

Spoone has the potential for three plus pitches, with an explosive fastball with good bore that generates a lot of groundballs. Definite sleeper.

Only having 3 prospects out of a list of 100 is not great but we must crawl before we can walk...


Some minor league signings for the O's last week including the return of relief pitcher Esteban Yan. Yan's signing has caused some minor howling in the O's blogosphere but it's only a minor league contract and, hey, sometimes you catch lightning in a bottle. But in reality, this guy's never going to see the major league roster. Catcher Chris Heintz has a better shot at seeing significant playing time in 2008 than Yan.


Erik Bedard is likely to be traded this week, blah, blah, blah...


Enchanting Sunshine went north to Baltimore to meet some of the '83 Orioles. Here's the story.


A very good, very concise guide to Oriole Spring Training that I not only enjoyed but may render a post I was working on completely redundant. Good stuff.

10 Days until Pitchers and Catchers Report

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