Monday, April 21, 2008

Base Hits: 4/21/2008

Nothing wrong with taking two out of three from the Yankees. Good stuff.
The bad news is that the Baltimore Orioles have played horrific baseball on the road this year and are getting ready to embark on a long road trip.

For anybody waiting for the O's to fall back to Earth, the next couple of weeks could be the time...


The Jays released Frank Thomas. Various reasons given for this but even with Thomas' slow start this year, the Jays offense is suddenly less imposing.

Just to cover this angle, I think Thomas will still have a decent season for somebody but I don't think the Orioles need him...


A-Rod injured his quad which has to be troubling on a team that's already had its share of nagging injuries.

And if the Orioles do nothing else this year, they have brought the Joba Chamberlain situation to a head in the Bronx by taking the series with the Yankees. Hank Steinbrenner wants him to start while Brian Cashman wants him to remain in the bullpen...for now. Hank also had this to say about Mike Mussina:

"[Mussina] just needs to learn how to pitch like [45-year-old Phillies pitcher] Jamie Moyer," Steinbrenner said, according to The New York Times.

Oh sure, Hank. It's just that easy! And Daniel Cabrera should "just learn" to pitch like Nolan Ryan!


Keeping it in the Al East, the Rays' AL Reyes is on the DL. Matt Garza got shelled during a rehab start. SS Jason Bartlett was out of the lineup with a "tired throwing arm". Really? On a shortstop? That sounds fishy to me...


The Red Sox have scored 6.7 runs per game over the last 11 games. That doesn't include today's Patriot's Day game where they have already scored 8. Not looking forward to that matchup...


Lauren Kinner said...

Your blog makes no sense whatsoever. Are you an Orioles fan or not? Besides your very unprofessional words, "heck" and too many contractions even within the main subject. Did you pass sixth grade? Probably not. Get a tutor in grammar and english, it may help.

DempseysArmy said...

"Are you an Orioles fan or not?"

Really? That's in question?

"Besides your very unprofessional words, "heck" and too many contractions even within the main subject."

Sentence fragment. Unclear meaning.

"Did you pass sixth grade? Probably not."

Since my 6th grade year was the last time the Orioles won the World Series, I suppose on a psychic level you are correct.

"Get a tutor in grammar and english, it may help."

You should capitalize "english".

If you have specific criticisms, I welcome the feedback. General insults and nasty comments merely show you to be a bitter person with too much time on their hands.