Thursday, June 19, 2008

Base Hits: 6/19/2008

Oriole Magic is alive and well. Baltimore comes from behind again (only 1 run but still...) to win in extra innings. The Orioles now have 36 wins and 22 of them have been comeback wins.


The offense is finally starting to heat up. June OPS's for major players:

June OPS
Hernandez .760
Millar .811
Huff .911
Roberts .954
Bynum .404
Mora .794
Markakis 1.037
Jones .796
Scott 1.222
Payton .837

Outside of that sucking sound eminating from shortstop, these are all very encouraging trends. Especially for Adam Jones. I had such high hopes for Freddie Bynum though.


I have nothing against Erik Bedard and Miguel Tejada but it does make me happy that they wanted out of town and now are on teams that are worse than the Orioles. Of course, it's a Catch 22. We wouldn't be so good without the pieces we got in return for those guys. (Sarfate, Albers, Scott, Jones, Sherrill, etc.)

I have seen credible reports that the Mariners may try to move Bedard at the deadline in July. Wow. That was a really bad trade for them...


Jay Gibbons has signed on with the Long Island Ducks of the Independent Atlantic League. Good luck to Jay, it's a long road back.

Jay joins fellow ex-Oriole Todd Williams as a Duck.


God, I can't wait for the Orioles to face off against the Yankees and Sidney Ponson.

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