Friday, May 8, 2009

Base Hits: 5/8/2009

According to Roch Kubatko, Ryan Freel is telling people that he is going to be traded or released before he come off the DL.

Good, good, good. I've said it before but that acquisition of Robert Andino was the last straw in making Freel redundant. I'd much rather see Lou Montanez, Ty Wigginton, Andino and even Felix Pie get the at bats.

It also gives Pie's career new least for a couple weeks. His defense has greatly improved over the past two weeks and maybe they can platoon him with Montanez to get him some playing time.

Update: Looks like Freel has been traded to the Cubs for Joey Gathright.


Ron Gardenhire is not happy about the Twins rain-shortened loss to the Orioles on Wednesday.

"Once we got going, we tried to play five innings," Gardenhire said. "And Major League Baseball is nine innings. And we didn't get a chance to do that because the weather, from the get-go, showed that we shouldn't be doing this. From the get go!

"Somebody made a mistake here and screwed up. I don't know who is supposed to be accountable for this mess, but my team ends up paying the final price."


I could see Gardenhire's point if, say, the long reliever he put in there after the second rain delay gave up a three-run homer. But the Orioles scored enough runs off the original starter to win. And if you can't score off of Mark Hendrickson or Brian Bass...well, you really have to look in the mirror, don't you?

O's sweep the 1.5 game series. We'll take it.


RP Dennis Sarfate will find out soon if his career is in jeopardy from symptoms related to a circulatory problem.


Grimace of the Week:

Matt Garza looked none too happy as Brian Roberts took him deep.


The Orioles will have to face a returning Alex Rodriguez but they won't have to face Jorge Posada...nor Jose Molina. O's running wild tonight?


Song of the Week

How about some old Mary Prankster?

Many Yankee fans are posers, no?

Beat them Yanks!


James Manley said...

I'm all for Pie getting more time, so I'm not too sad to see Freel go, but this is a miserable "trade." Freel has actual value; Gathright, not so much, having just cleared waivers. The Cubs didn't even pick up any of Freel's salary! That's pretty frustrating; why not trade for another pitching prospect, at least?

DempseysArmy said...

I think you, like Freel, are overestimating his value at this point in his career. The fact that they got anything for Freel is amazing, even if it's just AAA filler.

The Cubs are taking some of the salary. The fact is, anything Freel can do, the Orioles have players who can do it better. The team is better off without him and were just looking for a way to dump him without eating all of his salary.