Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Base Hits: 7/28/2009

I have been following the Orioles Spring Training stories for years now and it appears that the Orioles will officially move to Sarasota for Spring Training 2010.

Kate Wheeler at MASN has conceptual drawings of what the complex will look like after renovations. I'll be there in 2010...


Also from Kate, MASN launches MASN to GO. What is MASN to GO?

MASN to GO is a downloadable and printable stats package similar to the information MASN's on-air talent use to prepare for game broadcasts.

As stats change each night and as the O's take on a new opponent every three or four days of the season, the pdf files are automatically updated with the newest info and are available for fans each morning to enjoy throughout the day....

But it doesn't stop there. You'll have BA's against tonight's opposing starter and their averages against the O's starting pitcher, probable pitching matchups for every game scheduled that day--and tomorrow, transactions and player news, standings, league leaders, hitting stats, pitching stats...

It's a nice one stop shop for fellow bloggers and the more serious fan. Good stuff. Thanks for making that available MASN!


Jonathan Mayo runs down some of the best farm systems in baseball. The Orioles still rank among the top 10 in the league on the strength of their pitching.


Rich Hill stinks up the joint, offers explanation and apologizes...

"Other than that, unfortunately I haven't been able to give any kind of consistent help to this team. I apologize to the front office and the guys in this clubhouse."

Hill joins Koji Uehara as apologetic pitchers for the Orioles in 2009, an occurrence I don't remember happening even once in a previous season, let alone twice. Say what you will but Sidney Ponson or Victor Santos never apologized for sucking.

At least he's trying to be a standup guy about the whole thing. ("A 7.00 ERA means never having to say you're sorry...")


Non-Orioles story: I wish I could leave this story alone but I am just so dumbfounded by the whole thing. Christine Brennan speaks to the Erin Andrews controversy again.


Since June 1st,

Aubrey Huff's OPS - .609

Melvin Mora's OPS - .643

Ty Wigginton's OPS - .822

I don't think you have to be a baseball genius...Free Wiggy!

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