Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ballpark Hazards:Beware the Moldy Hot Dog Buns

Saturday night this tweet and attached picture came across my feed in TweetDeck:

Pretty vile, no? I can't ever remember seeing something like that in 20+ years of attending baseball games.

This could have been a black eye for the concession staff at Nationals Park but they turned it into a positive. When I contacted @wikipublius for a followup, he stated that when they pointed the problem out to the person at the concession, they were given a replacement dog and a free beer. No excuses, just apologies and an immediate attempt to make it right.

So while the Nats could probably use a bit better quality control for their food service, they certainly made up for it with customer service. wikipublius also wanted to give the food at Nationals Park one more positive comment: the variety of food offered is much better than the concessions at Camden Yards.

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