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This Week in Chat: 5/21/2012

Where we filter all the week's chats down to their Oriole essence...

Mike Axisa,

12:34 Comment From The Oriole Bird
ESPN has the Orioles at a 42% chance of making the playoffs. That seems... optimistic. What are your thoughts on their chances?

12:35 Mike A.: Do not like. I think they have a much better chance of being this year's Indians/Pirates than winning a wildcard spot. But these wins are in the bank though, no taking them away.

1:11 Comment From Guest
Speaking of change of scenery, is Chris Davis for real in Baltimore?

1:11 Mike A.: I think he'll settle in around 110-115 wRC+, which is basically where he is right now. Going to strike out a ton, will mash some taters.

Jerry Crasnick,

Matt (Baltimore)
The Orioles are reaching the end of a brutal stretch against NY, Bos, Tex and TB and they and 8-5. You ready to buy into the magic yet, Jerry?

Jerry Crasnick (1:27 PM)
Matt, I talked to a scout today who said, "They're not going away." I just don't see enough starting pitching to buy into the magic. But how many teams in the AL really have great rotations from 1 through 5? Boston, the Yankees, the Angels, the Tigers ... they've all struggled at times with starting pitching. That might help the O's hand around until the All-Star break. I still think they fade in the second half.

Tarek (NYC)
Orioles this year remind me of Cleveland and Pitt from last year. But Oriole fans should just enjoy the ride and hope to be in the race Aug 1st.

Jerry Crasnick (1:32 PM)
Tarek, Yeah, I can buy that.

 Jayson Stark,

Justin (Baltimore)
What is your take on the Orioles? I am really concerned about the number of innings that the bullpen is throwing because it will catch up to you every single time...

Jayson Stark (12:09 PM)
I'm with you, Justin. What really made this start possible was how well the rotation pitched early on. But it was hard to look at the track records of those starters and expect that to continue. And that's the biggest reason it's tough to believe in that team right now. But they've definitely upgraded the stuff and depth of that bullpen. And they'll need all of it to hang in there in the AL East.

Keith Law, 

Camden (Newark, DE)
What would carry more weight to you, a 19 year old SS holding their own in AA or dominating at a lower level? (Think Manny Machado). Thanks.

Klaw (2:08 PM)
The former, actually. Someone asked me on Twitter why Machado was so hyped since his stats aren't any good. Age matters.

Ryan (Hanover, PA)
Starting to buy the Orioles yet?

Klaw (2:15 PM) No, of course not.

Dave (Dallas)
Profar or Machado? Does it depend if Machado can stay at SS

Klaw (2:31 PM) I
f you think Machado is a SS, he's the call. I happen to think he is. But you wouldn't regret choosing Profar.

Ryan (Hanover, PA)
If the O's had pick #1 in this draft, who would they select?

Klaw (2:34 PM)
My guess would be Buxton. They are absolutely taking BPA. He's on top of most scouts' boards.

Robert (Owasso)
Do you see Dylan Bundy making 2013 rotation for Baltimore. Ive seen him pitch several times, is an incredible kid with superstar potential. Where do you see Brian Ragira in 2013 draft?

Klaw (2:37 PM)
I think he should make their rotation next year, but I don't know if they'll allow it. Ragira doesn't profile for me - plays 1b now, might be fine in LF/RF, but doesn't have the power for any of those positions.

Bob (Corbin,Ky.)
First of all,really appreciate the hard work you put in so we can all enjoy what you do.Do you think that the reason why the Orioles are being slow with Bundy is because of what has happened to their other prized pitching prospects(Matusz,Tillman,etc.)Or are they just being foolish?

Klaw (3:04 PM)
That wouldn't surprise me. But Matusz didn't flop because he was rushed - he flopped because his velocity disappeared, perhaps because he got hurt.

Marcus (DC)
Keith, Can you explain to me why Yu Darvis is getting so much publicity/hype and Wei-Yin Chen is getting none? If you compare the numbers, Chen is actually has a better ERA and WHP, while walking less batters and is 4-0. The only thing Darvis is doing better is strikeouts.

Klaw (3:07 PM)
Well, strikeouts are pretty important. But Chen has been very good, absolutely.

Mike Newman, 

5:30 Comment From TMT
who is your most surprising prospect so far this season 5:31

Mike Newman:
Gabriel Lino. I had never even heard of him before he crushed the baseball in Asheville. I was very impressed by that Delmarva team overall.

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