Friday, August 31, 2012

Free-Swinging Orioles Making History Again

This Oriole team is looking to make some history by breaking a 14 season winning streak and has a chance to even make the playoffs. But this team is a mortal lock to create even more team history by, for the third straight season, breaking the franchise single season record for striking out.

The 1964 team struck out 1019 times and the 1968 team matched that total. That record stood for more than 40 years but along came the 2010 club who shattered that record with 1056. The 2011 team pushed that record out even further with 1120 whiffs.

But this team already has 1046 strikeouts as a unit and is hurtling for last season's total with great velocity.

Here's a graphical breakdown of the team's strikeout leaders:

This team is striking out over 8 times a game. No Oriole team has ever averaged 7 in a game before.

There's really no great conclusion to this outside of "Damn, this team strikes out a lot!". Just an observation.

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