Friday, June 6, 2008

Base Hits: 6/6/2008

Lots going on in Birdland this week.

The O's drafted LHP Brian Matusz yesterday. I was hoping for a position player but when high school SS Tim Beckham and Vanderbilt 3B Pedro Alvarez went off the board, I was OK with South Carolina 1B Eric Smoak or the best pitcher available. Matusz was, by most accounts, the best pitcher available.

According to Keith Law (whose opinion I've come to respect):

If we set aside the relievers, Brian Matusz (taken by Baltimore with the No. 4 pick) stands out as a player who could -- and should -- move quickly. If he goes to A-ball or even Double-A, he could miss bats left and right with his off-speed stuff and never have to work on improving his fastball command. He might not be challenged at all until he reaches the big leagues, which is a strong argument for getting him to the majors sooner rather than later, especially when you consider the general fragility of pitchers' arms.

Nothing wrong with that. Hopefully we see Matusz in Baltimore in 2009.

It was nice to see that the next four picks were spent on position players.


Screech is back! O's claimed him off waivers from Oakland and sent him to Norfolk. The Orioles can't have enough position player depth in their system.

Also, Luis Hernandez is gone. Maybe he'll be able to develop into a serviceable utility player. Both he and Brandon Fahey failed to capitalize on golden opportunities to become big league regulars this year, with their bats and their gloves. Here's hoping Freddie Bynum or Alex Cintron seizes that opportunity.


The Orioles plans to renovate the Spring Training facility in Ft. Lauderdale have hit a snag. Vero Beach beckons...

I sound like a broken record but I'm hoping the Orioles take over the former Dodgertown.


Adam Loewen will pitch out of the bullpen when he comes off the DL. That's a good idea. the rotation has pitched well so far and Loewen just may not be up to being a starter at this point in his career. A season or two in the 'pen might be just what the doctor ordered.


I updated the Oriole Trade Trackers. By measure of Win Shares, the Tejada and Bedard trades are looking like real fleecings in Baltimore's favor...even this year.

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