Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Base Hits 1/30/2007

From this article over at CBSSportsline.com:

On the other end of the scale sit the Baltimore Orioles (excessive sentimentality, overspending on relief pitching, reclamation projects aplenty ... is there any franchise-behaving-badly list upon which they don't appear?). Over the offseason, they reportedly passed on a deal that would've made the team appreciably better -– Marcus Giles and Adam LaRoche for Brian Roberts and Hayden Penn -– because owner Peter Angelos considers Roberts one of his "favorite" players. You get the feeling they'd clear a roster spot for B.J. Surhoff if he felt like lacing up the cleats again.

Unfortunately, the above is not an unfair assessment. Except for the overspending on relief pitching, which may pay off this year.


From the "Aww, you poor little Mets fan." file:

Nonetheless, I’m pissed because this season the Norfolk Tides will no longer be affiliated with the Mets. The whole reason I’m a Mets fan is because I grew up watching the Tides. And now the Triple-A Mets have up and moved to New Orleans. Loyal fans will be stuck watching Baltimore Orioles players in Harbor Park. I call bull.

I know I'll lose alot of sleep for the Norfolk Tides fans.


The O's pick up Jeremy Guthrie off waivers from Cleveland. Guthrie didn't have a bad year at AAA Buffalo last year but has never translated his live fastball into success consistently or in the Majors at all. Still, costs the O's little and he may develop into a decent relief pitcher if things break the right way.


The O's inked Markakis to a one-year deal.


Orioles Mailbag over at Orioles.com. The author seems to think it's a slam dunk that Rodrigo Lopez would have been no help to the O's in 2007. I still have a feeling the club may miss him.


Finally, Cal will drive the pace car at this year's Daytona 500.

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