Monday, January 22, 2007

GM Mike Flanagan Examined... this article on

This part of the article caught my eye:

Signature Move: After the 2005 season, Flanagan made his first big move has the sole general manager by signing catcher Ramon Hernandez to a four-year deal. He had a catcher in Lopez, but he saw that Lopez wasn’t the answer so he went about changing that by bringing in a proven catcher like Hernandez. Now, Hernandez didn’t have a great year last year and the move could turn out to be poor, but its this decisiveness that Flanagan must keep if he wants to finish rebuilding the once-proud Orioles.

Did I miss Ramon Hernandez not having a great year in 2006? He was 6th in the league in OPS among full time catchers. He threw out the highest percentage of opposing baserunners in the league. He cracked 23 homers. Statistically, it was among his best seasons of his career. Not sure how this is a move that could turn out to be poor...

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