Friday, August 10, 2007

O's Swept, Winning Season Slipping Away...

...and Andy McPhail seems to see it that way too.

Looking toward the future, McPhail dumped (essentially) utilityman Chris Gomez and lefty reliever John Parrish yesterday.

I like John Parrish. He's a product of the organization and he can be a good small doses. Parrish was overworked early in the season and was never really the same after mid-May. As strictly a LOOGY type who comes out only to face a lefty hitter or two each appearance, I think he would be fine. Unfortunately, this team doesn't have the luxury of carrying a guy like that, the bullpen is too unsettled and the starting rotation doesn't have guys that go 6 or 7 innings on a regular basis. If you're making a playoff run, Parrish can be useful but not for us. In return the O's get Sebstien Boucher, a AAA outfielder with some speed but a guy who hasn't hit much above A ball.

There seems to be some considerable angst from O's fans about the loss of Chris Gomez for basically nothing. I really don't get it the concern. Gomez is a nice part-time player but that's it. He's hitting .300 but it's a light .300 with as he's only slugging .391. He's versatile but won't Freddie Bynum be just as versatile when healthy? Or Brandon Fahey? Even Luis Hernandez has shown enough to be considered for a utility role. Gomez is also 36 and not in the team's plans beyond this year anyway. Again, a fine role player who I would love to have if Baltimore was thinking playoff run but he's not right for this team now. We have younger, cheaper talent that we can have fill that role next year.

I like that Jim Hoey is up again, hopefully for the rest of the season. He's dominated AA and AAA this year so it's time for him to learn how to get teh big boys out. Now, calling up Tike Redmond I really don't understand. If Jay Gibbons is really that hurt, put him on the DL and bring up J.R House. House can flat out hit and he doesn't have a position either!

Anyway, hopefully some guys who may be involved in the Orioles' future will get a look this fall.

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