Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Quick note...

"If Jay Gibbons is really that hurt, put him on the DL and bring up J.R House. House can flat out hit and he doesn't have a position either!" - Me, August 10th

J.R. House finally makes it to the big club after posting a .295 average and 10 homers at Norfolk. How much he'll play is anyone's guess but if Tike Redmond gets playing time, why not House?

Despite the loss, as an objective baseball fan, it was a good game last night. Guthrie didn't have it but the bullpen held and the batters scrapped their way back in, keeping it close and tying the game off of Mariano Rivera. Only a seeing-eye grounder sunk the O's last night.

I read this in Jonathan Mayo's Geeking on the Draft blog on MLB.com:

The Orioles and No. 5 pick Matt Wieters are not going to get a deal done by the deadline. Word is Wieters is looking for a huge bonus plus a Major League deal and it's a price tag that might prove to be too high for the O's to pay.

Now obviously this is all conjecture at this point but if Baltimore does not get this deal done it's going to spin me into a world of pissed off I've never experienced in my life. (to paraphrase Ron White...)

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