Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Brian Roberts Admits Steroid Use

Brian Roberts admits to using steroids by injection, one time, in 2003.

I've gone on long enough about the denial many fans have been in about Roberts steroids implications but this proves them foolish to doubt that anybody in this era didn't at least dabble in the world of PEDs.

All that said, Brian Roberts is a standup guy for admitting it. Do I believe it was only once? At this point I have to and I don't hold it against him one bit. This process is about forgiving and moving on. I just wish all the players realized that and stopped running from these allegations. Good job by Roberts for facing up to what he did.

Ok, cool. Resume party...


While most over at the Baltimore Sun want to give Roberts the benefit of the doubt, Rick Maese wonders why we should believe him at all?


Oddly, the Oriole blogosphere is unusually quiet this morning. Where are you guys?

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