Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Quick Thought

A few weeks back, I mentioned the Orioles might want to look at platoons for the near future since they can be a good way of getting good value from flawed players. I thought I might look at what a Luke Scott (facing righties) and Jay Payton (facing lefties) platooning in left might look like.

Luke Scott .273 .366 .516 .882
Jay Payton .281 .325 .432 .757

Luke Payton .277 .354 .503 .857

Now, I'm not saying Scott needs to be platooned. With only 763 PA in his career it may be too early for that and he may be able to maintain a better average than he showed last year. But it is interesting when you consider Payton's greater value as a fielder.

So, Scott would bring patience and power while Payton supplies better contact and fielding.


(What would Earl do?)

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