Monday, January 14, 2008

Base Hits: 1/14/2008

As reported (or linked to) by Roch Kubato, the Mariners' Adam Jones has been told to stop playing in Venezuala and to return to Seattle. Hmmmm.....


The official website of the Baltimore Orioles has a look at the O's catchers for 2008 and it made me think about Guillermo Quiroz. Well, actually it made me think about Paul Bako and how happy I am that he is gone. He was an offensive and defensive liability (a fact that The Warehouse would not admit before last season when they signed him; a clear case of a guy getting over on reputation...) and even Guillermo Quiroz will be a nice upgrade. I still don't understand how a team that thought they had an outside chance of contending could afford to give Bako all those at bats but, hey, that's been the status quo for 10 years right?


From the Those Fantasy Guys blog at the Baltimore Sun:

Whether the Orioles trade for a shortstop before spring training remains to be seen, but Hernandez may not be as bad as some people think. Everyone is calling for the youth movement in Baltimore, so why not give the 23-year-old a chance to prove himself?

No problem with letting Hernandez take his shot, especially because the Orioles have nobody who would be obviously better at the position under contract. But make no mistake, he will be as bad as some people think. He will be worse actually. His offensive numbers will be Belanger-esque so here's hoping his defense is at least in the Mike Bordick range.

In 69 at-bats last season, Hernandez hit .290, which is pretty good considering his career batting average in six minor-league seasons was .250.

So would you expect him to hit closer to what he did in 69 at bats in the majors or what he did in six minor league seasons? Anyways...


The Wayward Oriole has some thoughts on the upcoming season.

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