Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Patterson to Return?

According to a story in the Baltimore Sun, the Orioles have some interest in bringing back Corey Patterson.

As the free agency period winds down, Patterson has found himself still waiting for an offer and the Orioles have found themselves still needing a centerfielder. (Chris Roberson? Really?) I have always been in favor of bringing back Patterson...at the right price. Unless Erik Bedard is traded soon, there is no other viable option currently on the roster.

Patterson is not a great offensive player but he would be at least one of the top three defensive outfielders in the AL and is an outstanding baserunner. If this team is looking to build on pitching and defense, Patterson isn't a bad choice.

Funny how so many O's fans ridicule the good glove-not much bat style of Patterson but are more than happy for the same formula from Luis Hernandez at short.

As long as it is a short contract at less than $5 million per year, it's a good price to pay.


Trade rumors for Erik Bedard are heating up again. Stay tuned...

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