Monday, March 3, 2008

Glorious Spring Afternoon

A beautiful spring day here in Atlanta and if you can't be outside, listening to the Orioles is not a bad way to spend your afternoon.

Outside of our local broadcasters (of course), does it get any better than listening to Charley Steiner and Rick Monday call a ballgame? Outside of Vin Scully anyway. It doesn't, does it?

'Follow me! Follow me to freedom!"

You gotta love Charley Steiner. Very happy he is no longer with the Yankees. The fact that he didn't get along with that tool John Sterling only raises my opinion of him.

In the interest of equal time, Rick Monday saves the flag:

The Orioles faced two of their former pitchers today. Jason Johnson pitched for the Sebu Lions in Japan last year but is trying to win a roster spot with L.A. Matt Riley pitched for AAA Las Vegas last season and came on in relief. Adam Jones took his first pitch over the centerfield wall. But then he struck out two of the next three batters. Such was the tantalizing allure of Matt Riley.

When Budweiser highlights "Mr. T-Shirt Launcher Inventor Guy" during one of their "Real Men of Genius" ads, haven't they just run out of ideas?

Leave it to Estaban Yan to make the game exciting. Trembley saw enough of that last season Esteban. Good luck making the club!

To leave you today, I found this video on YouTube while looking for Rick Monday saving the flag. It made me laugh. Creative heckling is an art form.


Dave Mc said...

Yay! for the Rick Monday clip. Normally I only get to see that around the 4th of July.

the wayward o said...

listening to steiner is fun. but he tends to forget how many outs/runs there are. etc.

DempseysArmy said...

Did you hear Steiner during Monday's game? He did exactly that in the 7th inning. He thought there were three outs instead of two.

Still fun to listen to. It could get annoying if I heard it everyday.