Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Open Letter to Luis Hernandez

edit: I started writing this letter to Luis Hernandez after Tuesday's game, then had to go back an change it today as Hernandez made yet another throwing error on Wednesday. Sheesh! Shortstop was a question mark before and now it's becoming a huge concern. I think we need to kill a rooster to take the curse off his glove.

Dear Luis,

Let's get to the point. Can you just catch the damn ball? Or even better, when you catch the ball can you throw it somewhere near the firstbaseman's glove? You seem to be throwing it into the dugout or in the dirt. 4 errors in 9 games? Your glove was to be you calling card. Now it may be your downfall.

We were willing to embrace you. We respect defensive specialists at short in Baltimore. Outside of Cal Ripken, Baltimore has embraced the likes of Mark Belanger, Luis Aparicio and Mike Bordick. Any hit they got was gravy. This town, more than any, will forgive your offensive deficiencies if you can flash the leather. Baltimore understands the value of defense at short.

So start flashing it! Brandon Fahey has two errors but is eating your lunch!

You understand that this is the only team in the league that would consider opening the season with you in their starting lineup right? We don't care if you flirt with Mendoza line. Just make the plays in the field.

Three throwing errors. I hope for the sake of you and the team that you aren't developing a case of the yips. Snap out of it buddy. We'll be waiting for you when you do.


Dempsey's Army


the wayward o said...

i wrote letter to luis hernandez too but mine asked for list of his favorite tv shows and foods to eat.

division previews are live complete w/ playoff pickzzzzzzzzz

DempseysArmy said...

As if I didn't know! Been reading them, good stuff.

But you're wrong about Rays moving out fo the basement, especially with injuries to Baldelli and perhaps Kazmir.

Unknown said...

As much I think Luis might be getting stuff out of his system, this is a bit concerning. He needs to show he belongs, or some veteran outside the organization might steal his spot...