Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dempsey's Army is Moving On...But Not Really

Hello everybody. I have been offered a chance to host Dempsey's Army over at MVN, the network that Oriole Magic and, now, Ben Frazier's Oriole Central now reside.

But I'm not willing to relinquish this space yet, not now that I am finally comfortable with my surroundings. So I will be cross-posting most of my entries here and at MVN for the near future with 3 or 4 exclusive posts for MVN a month and some exclusive posts here that I feel don't fit into a strict Oriole-centric format. So for the foreseeable future, check both sites for new material.

One of the reasons I'm keeping both blogs for now is that I don't like the formatting or look of most blogs at MVN (no offense to them, just my personal preference) and even though my blog is very basic, I like the layout and the function of it. It's mine, dammit! But even today I've already figured out how to turn off the (to me) annoying default "truncated" view of the posts at MVN which is a big improvement. I think there's a lot of potential there but I'm really going to have to brush up on my HTML to get it where I want it. So it's possible in the future, when the new site looks and feels the way I want it, that I will leave this site to the internet wasteland and blog only at MVN but I think that's months away. What can I say, I can't let go of my blanky yet.

Thanks to everyone who reads this, the suggestions many of you have made and give me some feedback on the new site if you care to. It's here...

MVN: Dempsey's Army

OK, resume party...

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FrostKing said...

Congratulations - nice to see your work recognized.