Thursday, January 8, 2009

Teix is Haunting Me...

I'm really going to let all this "Teix wore his Yankee cap to Camden Yards" angst go at some point. I really am. But Teix keeps finding me and rubbing it in.

I'm just sitting here, half-watching a show about the 1995 season on the new MLB Network and, of course, they spend some time discussing Cal Ripken, Jr. and The Streak. Whose dorky voice do I hear on my TV? That's right, it's Mark Teixeira.

The graphic underneath his disproportionately large head reads, "Mark Teixeira, Grew Up in Maryland".

Here's what he said:

For me, as a kid, Cal Ripken was everything. He could do it all. I loved watching him play, and..and watching him play every single day, every single inning almost, everyday was pretty incredible.

Incidentally, they have talked about Don Mattingly on this show already. No Teix to be heard from in that segment.

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo took Teix to task on his Sirius XM Satellite Radio show on Tuesday. It was pretty funny and I found it therapeutic. (Go here to listen...)

The emperor has no clothes, Mark. We can see you.

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