Monday, February 2, 2009

Rich Hill...The Latest Oriole Reclamation Project

Hill had some success for the Cubs in '07 but quickly lost the ability to find the all, ala Rick Ankiel. This was true with the major league team and the AAA Iowa Cubs.

So why do the O's want him? The move will reunite Hill with his former pitching coach Rick Kranitz and his former minor league coach (and current bullpen coach) Alan Dunn which Andy MacPhail probably hopes will straighten Hill out.

Will it work? Probably not but there's a big upside if it does. The Orioles have should continue to make moves like this; low price, big risk, big upside. The farm system is better these days but is still really thin beyond the upper echelon of prospects. The O's need to gamble on guys like Hill, Pie, Moore, Uehara, Patton, etc. and hope a couple of them pan out. Is Hill of much use to the Cubs? No. Could he be useful to the Orioles? Maybe.

Add another arm to the mix. "We take anybody."

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