Friday, June 26, 2009

Sell, Sell, Sell!

I was looking over some stats for Baltimore as we approach the halfway point of the season when something struck me...The Warehouse has go to trade anybody on this team that is beyond their arbitration years.

The Orioles team ERA is 5.10, last in the American League next to the 5.26 ERA of the Indians. Terrible. We need help and more help than even our promising farm system can provide.

The O's offense is mustering 4.57 runs per game. That's below the AL average of 4.82. What's so great about all these hitters we have? Sell and sell now!

Aubrey Huff? Ship him out. Cesar Izturis? Robert Andino has made him redundant. See if someone wants him. Ty Wigginton will cetainly be useful to some contender. Out!Melvin Mora? Nobody will want him but we can try. Danys Baez and George Sherrill? Outen zie!

Even Luke Scott. He's the best bat we have and teams should pay dearly but it has to be an option.

The Orioles need to be listening to any and all offers.


Dave Mc said...

I totally agree except maybe on Sherrill. We have so few lefties in the system, I think it would take an outlandish offer to make me want to trade him. Like you said, Scott should command a very high price as well. Otherwise, let the sale begin.

Crys said...

Whoa, boy! Easy there with talk of trading my boy Sherrill. What if someone hears you?? Think of what that would do to me. Have a heart!

DempseysArmy said...

I'd put Sherrill nearly in the same category with Scott; you can have him for the right price.

He's still under control for another couple seasons and if you can close in the AL East, you can certainly close anywhere in the National League. He's a valuable commodity.

Nice redesign of the site Crys!