Monday, June 7, 2010

Around the Oriole Blog-O-Sphere: Draft Edition

It's draft day! Oriole fans have little to look forward to except future prospects so this is a big day...again.

Want to chat about the draft today? Head over to Camden Depot today starting at 11:00 to chat with crawdaddy and stotle. That's where I'll be.

Baltimore Sports and Life compiles a rundown of all the draft reports on the potential Oriole draftees.

Who do I think the Orioles should take in the 1st round? Here's my post on the subject.

Weaver's Tantrum compares the trade value of Wil Ohman to that of George Sherrill from last season.

At Baltimore Sports Report, Matt Sadler is happy. Why? Because it looks like Jake Arrieta is coming to Baltimore.

Oriole Poet says his goodbyes to Dave Trembley.

The Oriole Post provides some great pics from this weekend's games.

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