Thursday, June 10, 2010

Orioles to Interview Bobby Valentine Today?

According to the Baltimore Sun, the Orioles will interview Bobby Valentine for the manager job, perhaps as early as today.

The article also mentions former Indians manager Eric Wedge. I liked the idea of Wedge managing in Baltimore but I seem to be the only one. Cleveland fans thought his teams underachieved and others see him as the same type of personality as Dave Trembley, too nice and laid back for this team.

For a fan who blogs, Bobby Valentine would be a great choice. He's a colorful personality and will probably give me plenty to write about. He has had success in the majors and in Japan and his players seem to like him a lot.

Perhaps even better for this particular blog would be the prospect of Rick Dempsey taking the helm. And he really, really wants it

"I think if I don't do something now with this organization, it's never happening," said Dempsey, in his fourth year as a MASN broadcaster after five seasons as an Orioles coach. "If the next guy comes in and he lasts two or three years, by then I'll be so far removed from being down on the field that it probably would take an act of God to actually make it happen."

The sad fact is that Dempsey is a long shot to even get an interview and he seems to know it. His public campaigning is acknowledgment of this.
Who would be the best choice? I don't know. I don't think Dempsey could be any worse than the Lee Mazzilis and Sam Perlozzos of the world. But I think the Orioles need a new voice and a fresh face and that should probably come from outside of the organization this time.

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