Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Around the Oriole Blog-O-Sphere: Luck for Buck Edition


Chris at Baltimore Sports and Life takes note of Kevin Millwood's recent performance and wonders if he still has trade value for the Orioles after all.

(As an aside, I thought Millwood was a good pickup in the offseason. Others argued that money could have been spent on Rich Harden or Ben Sheets; my argument was that those guys were too risky and that Millwood had a shot to be league average.

Well, Millwood has not been league average and he may not reach the 1.0 WAR that I had hoped for (although he could with a good finish) but he has provided more value than either Harden or Sheets. Millwood has a 0.7 WAR after last night's start. Sheets has 0.7 WAR also but is out for the rest of the season. Harden is on the DL with a -0.6 for the season. I said I'd eat my hat if either of these guys outperformed Millwood this year and that looks hold true. The O's needed a guy who was going to give them 170-180 innings this year even if they were not as good as another pitcher's 110.)

Camden Crazies takes an in-depth look at Brad Bergesen's turnaround and it's encouraging. Also, he notes that Felix Pie set an odd record this week: Pie put the ball in play in 63 straight plate appearances (no walks, no strikeouts) and passed Brooks Robinson' 1968 streak of 59 for the Oriole record.

The Wayward O provides evidence that DC still loves the Orioles, Nats be damned.

Baltimore Sports Report takes a quick look at Jason Berken's Oriole career thus far as he heads to the DL.

Bugs & Cranks imagines Peter Angelos' reaction to "Buckball".

After the recent flurry of winning, Camden Depot examines the Orioles' chances of getting the #1 overall pick in 2011...and more.

Roar from 34 wonders (among other things) if Buck Showalter can lead the Orioles to a winning August for the first time since...well, a really long time ago.

To The Loss Column, even the losses feel different under Buck Showalter.

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Chris at Baltimore Sports and Life takes note of Kevin Millwood's recent performance.