Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Oriole Windfall for 2011, Part 4

Here is the final (reasonable) roster I would be shooting for in 2011 if I ran the Orioles. I have left trades out of the equation because that can just become a silly guessing game from the outside. I have stuck to current players and free agents.

C - Wieters
1B - Dunn
2B - Roberts
3B - Bell
SS - Izturis
RF - Markakis
CF - Jones
LF - Pie
DH - Scott
OF - Reimold
Utility - Wigginton
Utility - Andino
Backup Catcher  - Tatum

Thoughts: I would go hard after Dunn and plug him in at first base. Defense at 1B is overrated. I feel OK giving Bell the chance to get a full season under his belt in the majors. Wiggy could be brought back to spell Bell and Dunn at third and first respectively. 

Shortstop was tough. A commenter pointed out that J.J. Hardy is not a free agent after all, even though he was listed that way on Cot's Contracts. The pickings are slim after that. Jhonny Peralta looks to resign with the Tigers, Omar Infante and Alex Gonzalez had their options picked up by the Braves. Giving the job to Robert Andino would be cheap but he could turn out to be the second coming of Luis Hernandez. A short, cheap contract for Izzy is probably the best bet via free agency.

Craig Tatum did a fine job as the backup catcher in 2010. Andino or a castoff veteran can fulfill the middle infield role.

SP - Matusz
SP - Guthrie
SP - Vasquez
SP - Arrieta
SP - Bergesen

RP - Tillman
RP - Vandenhurk
RP - Berken
RP - Hernandez
RP - Patton
RP - Johnson
RP - Gonzalez

I still think signing a veteran starter is good insurance. Javier Vasquez will come fairly cheap and short term.

Moving Chris Tillman to the pen will give him big league experience and he can work on his cutter. Tillman, Vandenhurk, Berken and Hernandez give the O's a dynamic bullpen as all of those guys could pitch 2+ innings. Patton and Gonzo provide the lefty arms. 

The projected lineup and payroll:

Dunn, Adam 1B              $15,000,000    
Markakis, Nick rf          $10,600,000    
Roberts, Brian 2b          $10,000,000    
Scott, Luke dh-of           $7,500,000    
Gonzalez, Mike lhp          $6,000,000    
Vasquez, Javier P           $5,500,000    
Guthrie, Jeremy rhp-s       $5,000,000    
Wigginton, Ty 3b            $2,500,000    
Jones, Adam cf              $2,300,000    
Izturis, Cesar ss           $1,500,000    
Matusz, Brian lhp           $1,400,000    
Pie, Felix lf               $1,000,000    
Andino, Robert if             $700,000    
Johnson, Jim rhp              $700,000    
Bergesen, Brad rhp            $500,000    
Hernandez,D rhp               $500,000    
Bell, Josh 3b                 $500,000    
Berken, Jason rhp             $500,000    
Patton, Troy lhp              $500,000    
Reimold, Nolan of             $500,000    
Tatum, Craig c                $500,000    
Tillman, Chris rhp            $500,000    
Wieters, Matt c               $500,000    
Vandenhurk, R P               $500,000    
Arrieta, Jake P               $500,000    

That is an mildly improved team for just a touch over the 2010 Opening Day payroll. The Orioles can certainly afford to take on some payroll via trade (hopefully, a shortstop and/or starting pitcher) to improve the team further. Time to buy a bat, Andy.


The Oriole Way said...

I agree that it's time to buy a bat, but I would focus on the other infield corner, going hard after Adrian Beltre. Josh Bell pretty clearly isn't ready to play every day in the big leagues, and, at worst, Beltre provides some significant defensive value. Between Pie, Reimold, Scott, Wigginton, and the various cheaply available talent at OF and 1B, Beltre seems like he would have more value over the player he would be replacing.

DempseysArmy said...

Last season would have been a great time to go after Beltre, something I advocated for. But now, he's coming off a really good season, is a year older and is going to command at least a 4-year deal and at least $13 mil per year. I suppose if you have no confidence in Josh Bell ever coming around, you might make that move. But I still don't think Beltre will be worthy of that contract in a couple years.

But I don't think Bell won't come around. If you need a stopgap, a guy like Andy Marte, who was just outrighted by the Indians, would be a cheaper option while Bell starts the season in Norfolk.