Friday, January 14, 2011

Around the Oriole Blog-O-Sphere: Nobody Cares About Baseball This Weekend Edition

Sully Baseball lists all the reasons Hoyt Wilhelm was awesome and they are all 100% correct.

Zach Sanders highlights Jeremy Guthrie as an undervalued fantasy baseball asset. They're catching on...

Mark Reynolds talked to Sports 620 KTAR in Phoenix about his trade to Baltimore. You'll have to get past factual errors (Reynolds hit .198 not .192) and brutal sentences like this: "One might expect a player who was traded from a team he had just signed a lucrative extension with to be bitter, but Reynolds wanted fans to leave fans and the organization on a different note." It's like I wrote it or something.

Dean Jones, Jr. and Mike Miller rank the top ten Oriole prospects for the Baltimore Sun. Like that Matt Hobgood is still hanging in there at #10. Just don't read the comments below. At least half of them are retarded.

Camden Crazies offers up his very preliminary win projections for next season's team.

Ross Gore at Baltimore Sports Report examines new Orioles reliever Kevin Gregg. He's not crazy about him either.

Roar From 34 continues the Eutaw Street Chronicles.

PressBoxOnline give us an update on the renovations being done to Ed Smith Stadium, spring training home of the Orioles.

Autograph vouchers go on sale for the Oriole FanFest for $15. Fans ages 4-14 will still be able to get autographs. Not being a autograph collector myself, I find the stir about this new fee amusing. But I think I support it. The kids should be the first ones getting the autographs but the lines at these things are usually filled with binder-laden guys between the age of 22 and 52 trying to get cards signed leading to long lines and disappointed fans after the time is up. It will control crowds, cut down on piggish behavior and help a charity. Kudos.

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"Just don't read the comments below. At least half of them are retarded."

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