Monday, January 24, 2011

Troy Patton Arrested for DWI

Orioles LHP Troy Patton was arrested in Houston Saturday night and charged with DWI.

Patton, 25, was pulled over by police for speeding and driving over a curb, according to the report. Police also said Patton had a 0.14 blood-alcohol content, which is nearly twice the legal limit of 0.08 in Texas, and that he was released on $500 bond, with a court date scheduled for later this month.

Patton has been working his way back from shoulder surgery that caused him to miss the 2008 season and a good chunk of 2009. In Texas, a first offense for DWI (I'm assuming it's his first offense) garners a fine of up to $2000, no less than 72 hours and no more than 6 months in jail and some community service.

From a baseball perspective, Patton should still be at Spring Training and he figures to be in the mix for the Oriole bullpen at some point in 2011 (even if it's an outside shot).

From a drinking perspective, blowing a .14 means you're pretty blottoed and you're very dangerous behind the wheel. Hey Troy, stay home and drink. Please. Before you kill somebody.

I'm kind of tired of Orioles relievers running afoul of the law this offseason.

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