Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Adam Jones Chat Recap

Adam Jones had an ESPN chat on Feb. 14th. Here's the highlights:

Lobes (Tucson, AZ)
Adam, what kind of work have you been doing this offseason that is different from your past offseasons? Have you focused on any particular area of your game?

Adam Jones
I did a lot more preventative stuff. I dedicated a lot more time to my lower half than my upper half. I'm trying to improve my strength through my legs. It's a long season.

That's good to hear. You'd think that given his game and the position he plays, strengthening his legs will go a long way to preventing injury.

Avon (West Side of Baltimore)
I've seen you at some Terps games and was wondering if you can show Bowie, Tucker, and Mosely how to shoot the 3's.

Adam Jones
They're doing a lot better job at that than me. I like going to those games. Those guys are D-1 athletes, who am I to tell them what to do? I've always liked going to the Terps games. Fun atmosphere.

Diplomacy. Good move.

Hook (Brandywine, Md)
What was it about Buck that got the team to play so well?

Adam Jones
Everybody held themselves accountable for how they played. We played as a team, finally.

Jones has been a bit reluctant to give Buck too much credit for the turnaround late last season. Maybe out of pride, he had said that the team just started putting it together but Buck was not the sole reason. He's softened that stance of late.

Jake (LA)
So everyone in baseball either lost 10-15 lbs or added 10-15 lbs in muscle heading into ST, which is it for you?

Adam Jones
None. Maintained. Stayed the same. How about you?


Paul (Farmville, Va)
Afternoon Adam, does it feel any different now in Baltimore with all that protection in the lineup?

Adam Jones
I wouldn't know. We haven't played any games yet. We're all going to learn each other and hopefully feed off of each other.

A sensible answer. Jones has yet to part of a lineup where he is not one of the three best hitters in the lineup.

Andrew (Baltimore)
As a Baltimorean, I'm always curious to know: Where's your favorite place to go out in Baltimore?

Adam Jones
My favorite spot there is Abbey Bistro. I usually hit up there a couple of times a week after games.

Chris (Baltimore)
Stop by Sabatino's in Little Italy if you want some good Italian food. I'll let my grandfather know you're coming in.

Adam Jones
Tell him I'm a regular at that place. I was there two weeks ago for Fan Fest.

There are your LaMarque approved eateries.

Justin (Baltimore)
Adam,This is the most excited Orioles fans have been for a season to start since 2004. We are hopeful of not just a winning record, but of competing for the playoffs. Has Buck hammered it home that making the playoffs is the goal, not just finishing above .500?

Adam Jones
I think the first goal is to climb out of the cellar and get through the season healthy. Go out and play the season and let everything else play out itself.

Another sensible answer. We must crawl before we can walk.

Garrett (Richmond, VA)
Just how good is Matt Wieters?

Adam Jones
Matt is as good as he wants to be. He's 6-5, 230. He has an unbelievable arm. It's not about talent at the major league level. It's about desire and want. Also, with that, this will be the first time in his and my careers that you've added winners around you, rather than just regular baseball players. There are proven winners around.

This is an interesting answer. If you read between the lines a bit, he seems to indicate that Wieters has all the talent in the world but hasn't displayed the hunger needed to succeed at the highest level. He tempers that a bit with the lineup comment but I think he believes doesn't work quite as hard as he should. Or at least, not as hard as Jones works.

Greg (2110 Eutaw Street)
Adam, what's with the twitter name change? And will you tweet from CF this year?

Adam Jones
Probably will tweet from CF...I just felt like changing my name. I just did it.

If Jones figures out a way to tweet from center during the game, I will be pretty impressed.

BJ (Bel Air, MD)
How excited is the team in regards to the new spring training location?

Adam Jones
The location is cool. I think people would like to stay in Ft. Lauderdale, but the chance to play in Sarasota against our rivals is a good chance.

Translation: We miss the Miami beaches and nightlife. Every woman I meet is three times my age.

Matt (Washington, DC)
On average, how many pieces of gum to you go through in one game? Love the highlights of a great play while you are blowing a bubble!

Adam Jones
4. No average.



Stacey said...

I love that Adam's favorite place is Abbey Burger. I love that place! It's where my bf and I went for dinner on our first date (before an O's game, naturally).

DempseysArmy said...

Can't say I've been to either of those places but I will certainly make a point to try the next time I'm in Baltimore.