Friday, February 4, 2011

Vlad Guerrero is an Oriole. Double Rainbow Spotted Over Camden Yards

Vladimir Guerrero is reportedly a Baltimore Oriole, signing a 1-year $8 million deal.

You've already heard me rail against this signing enough. The Orioles should be giving at bats to Nolan Reimold and to a lesser extent, Felix Pie. I mean, Vlad OPSed .841 in 2010. Reimold OPSed .831 in his rookie year. I don't see Vlad improving on those numbers. There is a decent chance Reimold could. But I'll delve into that in a later post.

Most fans seem to be looking at the name on the back of the jersey more than Vlad's actual production of late. So they are happy. But Vlad won't help as much as everyone thinks. I've detailed that. Others have too. And I'm sure I will again.

Let's not even discuss the money. There is little chance he will be worth that much and given the reduced market for his services, that's an incredible overpay. It had better not affect the draft budget.

Now, Vlad's season is linked to Felix Pie, Nolan Reimold, maybe even Joe Mahoney. It will, at the very least, be interesting to watch how the season unfolds with all these moving parts. And it'll give me a theme to write about all season...


Anonymous said...


one semi decent stretch of games

yeah let's play him and let Vladdy go to our competitors

do you enJOY losing?

DempseysArmy said...

Yes, that's exactly right. That's what I want. Thank you for your incisive commentary and reading comprehension...