Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dempsey's Army to Guest for MASN's Orioles Buzz

From the MASN Managing Editor Pete Kerzel:

Beginning April 4, Orioles Buzz will feature guest bloggers every weekday. MASNsports.com recognizes that the blogosphere contains all sorts of opinions on the O's, and bloggers following the orange and black are a particularly hearty breed of fan. What they say is increasingly relevant and how they present their perspective has become more and more savvy.

Since the Orioles now credential selected bloggers on a game-by-game basis, we thought you'd be interested in reading what some of the most rabid Internet-based O's faithful has to say. And Orioles Buzz is a perfect platform for sharing their thoughts, ideas and reminiscences.

So exactly who will you be hearing from? Beginning April 4, look for Stacey Long of Camden Chat will be sharing this space. In the following weeks, you'll be hearing from Matthew Taylor of Roar From 34, Heath Bintliff from Dempsey's Army and Anthony Amobi of Oriole Post. After the All-Star break, we'll change things up and introduce some new voices into the mix.

Thanks to Pete and MASN for extending this opportunity to Oriole bloggers and I am particularly honored to be included with Stacey, Matthew and Anthony for this new feature. It should be fun.

I'll keep you updated on posts I write for Orioles Buzz when the season begins. Looks like I will be starting the week of April 18th.

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