Sunday, April 24, 2011

This Week in Chat - 4/24/11

Where we distill all the weekly baseball chats down to their Oriole-centric essence...

Kevin Goldstein, Baseball Prospectus

Todd (Austin):
Odds that Segura is the top SS prospect in next year's top 101?

Kevin Goldstein:
Battle will be between him and Machado. Francisco Lindor gets sleeper odds.

Jay (Madison):
Speaking of Machado, how's his D' looking in the early going? Can he stick at short?

Kevin Goldstein:
D has been just fine, but his future at short is not a question of skills, it's a question of how much that body is going to fill out.

Jack Moore, FanGraphs

12:22 Comment From James
Does Adam Jones have the power speed combo to be the next Carlos Gonzalez? Especially with the lineup support he has is this his year? Or soon in the future?

12:23 Jack Moore: Not that good, I don't think. And until he learns to take more walks, he's not going to have the kind of OBP he needs to really be a table-setter (cliche alert) either. Decent power, good speed for sure. But not nearly that talented of a hitter.

Frankie Piliere,

12:46 Comment From Dan (Baltimore)
If you were the Orioles and the draft was today...who would be your top four?

12:47 Frankie Piliere:
If it was my board I'd go Rendon, Cole, Hultzen, Springer. I'm sticking with George in that top group.

Jonah Keri,

12:00 Comment From Big Jgke
You've been pretty consistent in projecting the Jays to finish last in the AL East. Why do you think they're worse than Baltimore?

12:00 Jonah Keri:
Have I? Those 2 teams strike me as potentially close, and the difference might not be much. I wouldn't sweat it if the Orioles win 77 games and the Jays 76, or vice versa. Both aren't going to win just yet, but both have bright futures.

12:30 Comment From Bigsmooth
What happens to Britton when Matusz comes off the DL? What can we expect from Matusz?

12:31 Jonah Keri:
I'd keep Britton up and demote Tillman. I like Britton's present, and future, more than Tillman's. Matusz if healthy should be a solid, above-average pitcher.

12:46 Comment From Dan
Pssst, Wieters' OPS+ is sitting at 108 and he's playing fantastic defense behind the plate. I thought he was washed up?

12:47 Jonah Keri:
The rush by people to claim that a hot prospect is not as good as we thought is so silly. My mantra always begins and ends with Brandon Phillips.

Dave Cameron,

3:17 Comment From Chief Wahoo
Who's a good comp for Dustin Ackley?

3:18 Dave Cameron
Brian Roberts. Gap power, some homers, good speed, average to slightly above defender.

Jayson Stark, ESPN

kid123 (ny)
haha thank you for posting that, made my day! Biggest Sellers at the trade deadline? Baltimore and San Diego?

Jayson Stark (1:59 PM)
I'll vote Baltimore. So many marketable players on the last year of their contract. And not much chance they'll contend.

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