Sunday, April 3, 2011

This Week in Chat - 4/3/2011

Where we distill all the weekly baseball chats down to their Oriole-centric essence...

Jonah Keri, FanGraphs

11:38 [Comment From kyle]
guerrero HOF career?

11:39Jonah Keri:
Vlad, of course. Yes, I'd vote him in, even if he retired today.

11:47 [Comment From Jason]
McLouth, Aaron hill and mark Reynolds, tell me why these guys do or do not bounce back this year

11:48 Jonah Keri: Hill
BABIP'd...what was it, .196 last year? Maybe the easiest bounceback pick in the league. Not a big McLouth fan. I could see a bump for Reynolds, sure. He's still fairly young.

Dave Cameron, Fangrpahs

11:41 [Comment From JTrea81]
Am I crazy or should Zach Britton have made the O's rotation?

11:41 Dave Cameron:
The O's are just playing with his service time. He'll be up in a month.

12:21 [Comment From Kolbe]
Do the Fighting Showalters break .500 this year?

12:21 Frankie Piliere:
Nope, division is just too potent.

12:15 [Comment From Matt]
Given that your org rankings seem reasonable (give or take minor quibbles) how would you change baseball to give teams like Jays and Orioles a decent shot?

12:16 Dave Cameron: I will continue to pound this angle forever - put a team in Brooklyn. Diluting the Yankees revenue stream would fix a lot of problems.

12:29 [Comment From Ian]
When do you see Zach Britton getting the call back up? Potential impact arm?

12:30 Frankie Piliere: He'll be down there a month tops I think. Very high impact guy. Potential #1, easily a #2. Very mature already and has the arsenal to go with it.

12:48 [Comment From Kolbe]
Santana, Posey or Weiters.. Who are you taking?

12:48 Frankie Piliere:

Keith Law, ESPN

Jeff (Baltimore)
Who do the O's take in the draft? Starling?

Klaw (1:25 PM)
The only substantive thing I've heard on them is a preference for a college player, which would probably put them on Hultzen, Bradley, Jungmann, Gray.

Phil (NJ)
Still holding out hope for Wieters? What's his ceiling now?

Klaw (1:29 PM)
Yes. Unchanged.

Marc Hulett, FanGraphs

12:03 [Comment From D]
Manny Machado's ranking seems high. Is it + defence or his bat that has him that high?

12:03 Marc Hulet:
Machado's ranking might seem high but he has the potential to play good defense at shortstop while also displaying plus hitting skills... As we've seen recently, the pool of quality offensive shortstops in the MLB is dwindling.

John Manuel, Baseball America

Jeff Sullivan (Belchertown, MA):
Manny Machado or Francisco Lindor?

John Manuel:
Machado, though Lindor does seem to have some helium for this year's draft. Machado's bat projects to have more impact potential than Lindor's.


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