Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Guest Post on MASNSports.com: Orioles Have More Than One Great Shortstop Prospect

Guest post on MASN where I give some observations on Delmarva SS/3B Jonathan Schoop from the past weekend.


Jeff said...

Obviously a lot can change in the meantime but...
Do you think the O's infield of the future is Schoop, Machado, Hoes/Givens? I'm not very high on Givens but I think Hoes is a prototypical 2B.

DempseysArmy said...

Way early...but I agree that Schoop, Machado, Hoes (going left to right around the infield) is pretty likely. My most recent post talks more about Givens. He has a good approach, just hasn't put it together yet.

Of course, if Ryan Adams keeps hitting, they might overlook his defensive liabilities and he could grab second and not let it go...impressed with how quickly he has foudn his footing at AAA.