Sunday, May 1, 2011

This Week in Chat - 5/1/11

Where we distill all the weekly baseball chats down to their Oriole-centric essence...

Jonah Keri,

12:41 Comment From Big Jgke
Is there any division in baseball in which the top 4 teams in the AL East wouldn't all be contenders, outside of the AL East?

12:41 Jonah Keri: I don't think the Jays or Orioles are all that good this year. In past years, sure, you could have made the case about the Jays.

Marc Normandin, Baseball Prospectus

Charles Darwin (San Fran): Will Koji Uehara ever become a reliable source of saves now that he is the favorite? ALso, what are your thoughts on Edwin Jackson?

Marc Normandin: As Mike Petriello has said, as long as Uehera is healthy, he should be great in the role. I'm a big fan of Koji--I drafted him in a few leagues with the expectation the job would eventually be his.

Dave Cameron,

12:18 Comment From Rob
Matt Wieters has been on a tear since making an adjustment to a more upright batting stance about 2 weeks ago. What do you see in your crystal ball for him this season?

12:19 Dave Cameron: He's finally hitting for power, which was the missing ingredient the last few years. I still think he can be an all-star.

12:58 Comment From Bodhizefa
What's your favorite ballpark food and drink (from a specific park)?

12:58 Dave Cameron: In general, I avoid buying food at parks. I'm cheap, and it's not cost effective. That said, Boog's BBQ in Baltimore was pretty great.

Jim Callis, Baseball America

Steve Johnson (Boston): Your thoughts on Jonathan Schoop of the Orioles?? More upside than Machado???

Jim Callis: That's crazy on the upside, but Schoop is worth watching. One of Baltimore's better prospects.

Jack Moore,

12:44 Comment From Steve
Stil think Mark Reynolds can hit .220 and hit 30 homers? He's getting destroyed by AL East pitching right now.

12:45 Jack Moore:
I mean, that's not the highest bar anybody's ever set... I think he'll get there.

12:55 Comment From Bob B.
Prognosis on Adam Jones?

12:55 Jack Moore:
His problems are all BABIP (.226). He's not hitting any line drives right now, but he's a major league hitter, and I have to think he'll work his way out of it.

Keith Law, ESPN

Brady Anderson (Baldwin)
If you were the Baltimore GM who is your untouchables at trade deadline???

Klaw (1:37 PM)
I can't see why they'd trade Wieters or Matusz or Britton, but every veteran player should be available.

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