Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Base Hits: 7/17/2007

Who is this guy talking about?

“The whole clubhouse likes him. He communicates well and really got us to remain focused. He definitely got as much as he could out of the guys, given everything he inherited. I’m excited for him and the team.”

Is this somebody talking about the job Dave Trembley is doing? No, this was an Oriole player commenting in 2005...about Sam Perlozzo.

I like what Trembley has done so far but let's not get carried away yet...


It's July and Nick Markakis is on fire. He's hitting .373, slugging .569 and OPSing 1.017 for the month of July. So is Corey Patterson for that matter. He's come out of nowhere to hit .333 and OPS .930 for July so far.


A great recap of the Andy McPhail/Dave Trembley Q&A with season ticket holders by Anthony Amobi on Oriole Magic (Also check out Anthony's blog, Oriole Post).


A good article by Christopher Heun over at Roar From 34 on John Maine and how well he's doing. He's not as skeptical as I but seems to think (or hope) that Maine will implode at some point this season.


Steve Trachsel is coming back and there is some question about whose spot in the rotation he will take - Olson or Burres? This is not even a question. Burres has been pitching above his head all year in the rotation and Olson not only has pitched well, he is being groomed as a future star of the staff. Burres was a valuable memeber of the bullpen before his promotion and we need him back in there. Rob Bell is not the answer in long relief.

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