Friday, December 14, 2007

Base Hits: 12/17/2007

Add former Oriole Mike Bordick and former Giant Bill Swift to the list of former big leaguers who believe that players using PED's should be punished but deny ever knowing that anyone was using in their own lockerooms.

Forget the irony that Bill Swift won 21 games for the Giants in a season that Barry Bonds was hitting 43 homers in support of him. Mike Bordick played for the A's and the O's from 1990-2002 but never had any inkling that any of this was going on. Considering the teammates he had at the time I find that very hard to believe.


Curt Schilling urges other players to fess up and move on.


Andy Pettite: Can you strikeout a batter while sitting injured on the bench? No? Then using illegal drugs to speed your return to the mound is still performance enhancing. Let's not kid ourselves. (Same to you Mr. Gibbons...)


I saw in Peter Schmuck's column today there was a letter to season ticket holders that announced rising ticket prices, (classic Angelos and absurdly laughable in itself) that Erik Bedard and Brian Roberts were (tellingly?) not mentioned as players to "come out and see". Interesting.

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