Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The First Taste

OK, so everybody knows what happened to the Birds on Sunday (and Monday. Eeeesh...) but it was interesting to watch that game through the eyes of a 6 year old. It was his first time watching an extra inning game.

We're watching the game. Dramatic comeback in the 12th. Two out and one on. 0-2 to Ronnie Belliard. The Orioles are going to win. Then Belliard put that hanging slider into the leftfield seats.

The conversation picks up there...

Kid: What happened? He hit a home run?

Me: Yep. He sure did.

Kid: So now what happens?

Me: It's over. The Nationals win.

Kid: But the Orioles were about to win.

Me: They were about to. Only one strike away. But now they lost.

Kid: But don't the Orioles get another chance to hit?

Me: Not in extra innings. Not when you're the visiting team.

Kid: But that's not fair!

Me: Baseball's not fair, son. These things happen. Maybe they'll win tomorrow.

(Belliard is met at home plate by bouncing, cheering teammates)

Kid: I don't like them. They're bad guys.

And so, the tiny seeds of rivalry are sown...


The Win Probability graphs from those two heartbreakers, courtesy of FanGraphs:

Do you know what the odds are of coming that close to winning and then blowing the game two nights in a row? My college statistics skills are a little rusty but the rough calculation is something like 1 in 3.4 gazillion! Damn you, Baseball Gods!


Alex Cintron is on the DL and Freddie Bynum is back with the big club.

I have always been a fan of Cintron, even back to his early days with Arizona. Even though the production was not always there, I just love that guy as a player.

It's the same thing with Freddie Bynum. I'm just glad he's back. Somehow, I think he makes the team better.


Adam Jones vs. Nick Markakis (rookie years)

Jones' Batting Markakis' Batting
April .263/.311/.389 .182/.270/.288
May .226/.273/.312 .254/.329/.338
June .323/.349/.455 .338/.403/.400

It's encouraging progress.


I'm very curious to see how Adam Loewen performs out of the bullpen. More to come...

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