Thursday, January 15, 2009

Around the Oriole Blogosphere: The Kumbaya Edition

On the left hand side of this blog, farther on down the page, is a list of links to other Oriole blogs. This is not unique to my blog but one thing that is is that I update that list on a regular basis. If a blog goes dormant or is not up to my personal reading standards, I take it off the blogroll. If I don't enjoy it, why would I recommend it to others?

So understand, if I link to your blog, it's because I believe your blog has something to offer to the blog-reading Oriole fan. (As an aside, if you have a blog that you think is worth looking at that I don't link to, let me know...)

So here is a sampling from many of the great Oriole bloggers, who have to be true fans given their enthusiasm after 11 losing seasons...

Anthony at Oriole's Magic takes a look at the offseason so far.

Jay at the Examiner looks at the remaining free agent options for the Orioles this year.

Matthew Taylor at Roar From 34 examines a case of denial regarding the Orioles 30-3 loss to Texas in 2007. Also, check out Matt's excellent series, The Eutaw Street Chronicles

Frostking looks at the Hall of Fame vote and the prospects for the Oriole rotation in 2009 at Frost King Baseball.

Kevin offers up a daily Oriole card with commentary at Orioles Card "O" the Day. On Tuesday, it was a Mike Boddicker card from 1988.

Kevin also maintains the NumerOlogy site, a thorough review of every uniform number donned by an Oriole player among other things.

Iffy "inside sources" aside, Orioles Hangout offers a wide variety of news and observations on the Oriole organization, from the lowest levels of the minors all the way up to the big club.

Enchanting Sunshine has been fairly quiet of late but offered up her own thanks to the community of Oriole bloggers at Sixteen Gold Gloves. Also, check out E.S.'s excellent pictorial tribute to the Orioles of her childhood on the Oriole Memories page.

Neal S at The Loss Column looks at some of the Orioles' minor moves but is far more distracted by the Ravens these days. If you happen to be a Ravens fan, i can't say I blame you.

Weaver's Tantrum celebrates its first anniversary. Desert O spent half of his first season on the Appalachian Trail (which he blogged about and it's a great read on its own) but has been blogging like mad ever since he returned to civilization.

The contributors at Camden Chat are prolific but a recent highlight was a thorough and entertaining look at the 2009 rotation by SC.

Scouting is the name of the game at The Camden Depot. I get a little lost in the links with their new website design but there is a very detailed look at the top 30 Oriole prospects on the front page. Read it and look smart the next time you take in a game in Bowie.

There are a few things I can count on to make me laugh on a consistent basis. Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier on SModcast. Chris Rock's standup. 30 Rock. The Boondocks. The Wayward Oriole.

Dean Smith is a fantastic writer. The sporadic gems he doles out at Oriole Poet are always worth reading. This one about Yankee Stadium is a recent highlight.

Oriole Post has a new home. And I have to say I like it a lot better than the old version. Anthony posts constantly on the Orioles but the real treat on Oriole Post is Anthony's photography. Here's a sample.

Check these guys out. All are worthy of being bookmarked.

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Roar from 34 said...

Thanks for the mention, Heath. Definitely appreciate your efforts as well. I had thought about doing a similar posting before since it does take a special interest in the team to keep writing after all the losing seasons. Blogging helps keep me interested/enthusiastic about the team, and I'd guess it's the same for you with Dempsey's Army.

Growing up on the O's and making great memories along the way has made me a lifer, for better or worse. Hopefully there will be some better in the not-too-distant future.