Thursday, May 31, 2007

Back In Town...

I should leave town and lose track of the O's more often it seems.

I have been in Tulsa, away from the internet and ESPN (mostly) for the past five days and the O's have won every game.

I am still catching up with all the news and boxscores and I have still not changed my expectations for the team after writing off the season last week but we would all agree that winning is better than losing.

Quick observations: Steve Trachsel pitched his annual complete game this week. How big was Nick Markakis' homerun last night?

Pretty big as it turned out, moving the WPA .132 with a single swing and effectively putting the game out of reach. (Courtesy

Mr. Reluctant looks like he has finally pitched himself out of the setup role which is a good thing. Funny how Baez was reluctant to accept the setup role and now the O's are reluctant to have to send him to the mound in any meaningful capacity.

More analysis to follow...

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