Friday, May 4, 2007

Base Hits: Non-Orioles Edition

The O's are far too depressing these days so a special Base Hits with no examination of the O's whatsoever! It's cathartic for me...

An interesting article at The Bronx Block on Yankees AAA pitcher, Colter Bean. Bean has been called up to the big club since the article and has posted a 0.00 ERA over 3 innings.

My latest guilty pleasure is over at MLBlogs where Alyssa Milano is posting a baseball blog. Maybe I am blinded by her pure hotness but it seems quite genuine and...quite a good read.

Remember that Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game? On, there is a feature called the Oracle of Baseball in which you can find a link between any two major league players by a shortest possible list of teammates. For example, you can get from Lou Gehrig to Cal Ripken through three players (Joe DiMaggio-Lew Burdette-Aurelio Rodriguez). A good time waster.

Turn a historical pennant race into a graphical horse race over at where you can watch, for example, the 1983 AL East pennant race "live".

On Baseball Reference, the sponsor of the Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown page delivers this message: "Thumbs up for being a great Cub." That's funny. Thumbs up for Three Finger? Get it?

The Braves Jarrod Saltalamacchia breaks the 100+ year old record for the longest last name in the majors. This fact and more over at the Bullpen on

Wow. It's unusually hard for me to find non-Orioles items to get too excited about. Here's to hoping the Cleveland series goes our way...

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