Friday, May 11, 2007

Scanning The O's Blogosphere

I haven't done this for awhile for her it goes:

Heathir Irvin provides yet another fine series preview, this time about the Boston series. Heathir's making predictions now too! Good stuff!

The Baltimore Flock reviews all the stories of the past week.

Anthony over at Oriole Post buys a half price ticket to see a supersized offensive performance the the Yard.

The Wayward Oriole takes umbrage with a Dallas sportswriter who suggests that the Rangers should get Nick Markakis in a trade if Baltimore is interested in Mark Texiera.

Christopher Heun has a nice in-depth look at Miguel Tejada and potential O's cleanup hitters over at The Roar From 34.

Oriole Central has a quick blurb where they bag on my boy Rick Dempsey. Wow, am I the only one who finds Buck Martinez way more annoying than Rick? At least Rick in new. He can improve. This is as good as Buck Martinez is ever going to get! I need to start taking notes.

Roch Kubato's blog over at is, in a word, indispensable.

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