Friday, December 4, 2009

Base Hits: Pedro Feliz, Mike Boddicker, Arnoldis Chapman and the Spring Training

Last night on Twitter, JimBowdenIV tweeted this:

Orioles closing in on Pedro Feliz for 3B stop gap while waiting for Josh Bell to develop at AAA

I don't know how seriously to take this but as I've said before, all the free agent third basemen have their flaws. Feliz would bring above average defense and a weak (and weakening) bat but should come cheap and will in no way block Josh Bell if he starts destroying the International League.


Baseball Prospectus posted a nice interview with former Baltimore hurler Mike Boddicker. Good stuff about the early '80's Oriole teams and technical stuff about the various ways to throw a curveball.


Jorge Says No! takes a quick look at the mutual benefits of a contract extension from the Orioles for Adam Jones.


NBC's Craig Calcaterra digs up some disturbing information about Cuban defector Arnoldis Chapman (via this article by Melissa Seguara in Sports Illustrated), especially for Oriole fans as Baltimore has been rumored to be interested in Chapman.

His career walk rate in Cuban play -- where the strike zones are bigger and the swingers freer -- is 5.37. That's worse than Daniel Cabrera, and he's been described as an affront to all that is good and holy, pitching wise. ...

The concern: he has all kinds of gas but no secondary pitches.  And you know how that goes. Chapman doesn't need a quadrophonic Blaupunkt. What he needs is a curve ball. In the show, everyone can hit heat. 

He said Daniel Cabrera. That's enough to send shivers down my spine. Pass. Please.


Baseball America compiled a list of the top ten prospects who played in the Arizona Fall League.(subscription only) Oriole 3B prospect Josh Bell ranked #5.

Considered a defensive liability coming into the season, Bell got himself into better condition and answered questions about his ability to remain at third base. He's still a below-average runner, but Bell has become a solid defender at third base with smoother actions, cleaner footwork, improved range, good hands and an above-average arm.

At the plate, Bell has excellent raw power and could hit 25-plus home runs annually. He can work the count well to get on base, and while he doesn't strike out excessively, he could do more to tighten up his strike zone and not get himself out on pitchers' pitches. Though he's a switch-hitter, Bell has hit significantly better as a lefthanded batter throughout his entire career.

Brandon Snyder also got an honorable mention as a player whose stock is rising.


The Orioles have released the Spring Training Schedule for 2010. Now I can pick my week.

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