Thursday, December 3, 2009

BHI: Some Perspective

Now that we have a substantial list of BHI scores for Oriole sluggers, I thought it was time to assess what these numbers actually mean. Below is a graph showing a rough distribution of Oriole BHI scores:

It's pretty obvious that most scores lie in the 200-300 range and there is a fairly even distribution among the other ranges. Given this, I am comfortable using 250 as the median score for BHI.

BHI ranges can be thought of something like this:

400+          Game Changer
300-400     Clutch Slugger
250-300     Above Average
200-250     Below Average
100-200     Mr. May
below 100  Garbage King

I would like to see how these guys match up in terms of WPA now that lists WPA in the home run logs, something like finding the average WPA per homer for each player. It's a long offseason, I don't see why not...

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