Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Crystal Ball 2011: Jeremy Accardo

The Orioles signed Blue Jays reliever Jeremy Accardo to a one year, $1.08 million deal.

It's a bit of a head scratcher. The Orioles did not extend an arbitration offer to Matt Albers because they likely would have had to pay him $1 million for 2011. And I didn't disagree with that decision because the bottom line is that Albers just can't throw strikes. Which is what makes the Accardo signing a little strange.

Rate stats for Albers and Accardo over the past three seasons:

           K/9   BB/9   ERA+   HR/9   K/BB    WHIP   
Albers     5.8   4.3     96     0.6   1.35    1.53
Accardo    5.4   4.9     98     0.6   1.08    1.70

Granted, Accardo's rates come over far fewer innings but these stats are fairly close and Accardo's minor league numbers over that span don't show anything different.

The only thing Accardo has over Albers is that he's been a good pitcher before. It was only for the 2007 season but he was able to throw strikes. But data from four seasons ago is not exactly a sign of hope.

Accardo will probably replace Matt Albers...with all the good and bad that implies.

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