Friday, December 10, 2010

Donning the Golden Sombrero

This post is inspired by a Twitter conversation with Matt from Roar from 34 about his post regarding the day Don Buford struck out 5 times in the same game and the follow up question from @sarahcumbie:

So I decided to find out. As it turns out, Sarah had the right idea...Mark Reynolds is well into the double digits. All-time leaders in games where a player wore "The Golden Sombrero":

Reggie Jackson     23
Bo Jackson         19
Jim Thome          18
Ryan Howard        18
Sammy Sosa         17
Rob Deer           17
Jose Canseco       16
Dave Kingman       15
Andres Galarraga   15
Dick Allen         15
Reggie Sanders     14
Mark Reynolds      14
Ray Lankford       14
Bobby Bonds        14

That's way up the list for a guy who had only played three seasons. The next Orioles on the list (at least one who spent significant time in Baltimore was Frank Robinson with 6 sombreros to his credit. He's a player the likes of which we have never had in all or nothing slugger.

He's going to make me bi-polar.

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