Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Benson To Pitch in 2007?

This Peter Schmuck article is one a many (OK, a few) that I have read that suggest that Kris Benson will rehab and return to pitch early in the season.

Forget it. He shopped around until he got a medical opinion he wanted to hear. It's admirable that he would be willing to try to pitch this year instead of collecting his salary and rehabbing for next year but he is not coming back this season. From what the doctor's have said and from what I know about players who have had similar injuries, it will take a miracle for Benson to pitch this season.

So that's the last we will discuss it.

Let's turn our attention to Steve Trachsel...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I like Benson's attitude and all and his willingness to give this a try...but I'm not holding out a lot of hope that it'll work out.

It's a motivating story either way though.