Monday, February 26, 2007

Good Article on Rick Dempsey's Nephew...

...AKA Gregg Zaun on

Zaun was traded from the Orioles for Terry Mathews during the 1996 season. I never liked losing Zaun, I thought he was an above average backup catcher, a useful guy off the bench. But we got Terry Mathews for him who was pretty good out of the bullpen in '96 and '97 especially pitching 5 scoreless innings in the '96 playoffs so you could understand the trade.

But you could have had Zaun for nothing in the early 2000's as he bounced from team to team. Geronimo Gil and Brook Fordyce were better options? Oh, well.

Continued good luck to Gregg this year. (except when he faces the O's of course...)

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