Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Somewhere, Rodrigo Lopez is Laughing...

Kris Benson is out, long live Steve Trachsel.

The Good News:

Trachsel doesn't have the potential short-term upside that Benson brought to the season but he's not a huge drop off. They both will give up the longball...a lot. Neither of them strike out a lot of guys anymore and neither will be in the O's plans beyond this year anyway.

Trachsel allows the O's the luxury of not rushing Hayden Penn into the starting lineup.

Trachsel is not Russ Ortiz.

The Bad News:

Pitching depth takes a hit and there is no Rodrigo Lopez to fill in. Trachsel could very well be done as a pitcher and implode in Camden Yards.

Still more things to watch at Spring Training...

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